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It's a story that began in a quest to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The beginnings of the story go back to 1984, when Casey Shroff, a former Senior Partner with Accenture/Anderson Consulting, came to Myrtle Beach to build a business based on a deep commitment to fulfilling customer needs. With this vision at the core of his business philosophy, Shroff and family associates became specialists in consulting, selling, managing and developing an extraordinary range of oceanfront properties in the Myrtle Beach area. The scope of their business activities has led to involvement with more than 6,000 oceanfront units in this market.

To further increase understanding of what his customers want and to insure the quality of the overall sales process, in 2006, Shroff acquired The Hoffman Group, the premier oceanfront condominium sales and marketing company in the Myrtle Beach area. With more than 40 sales associates, the company has annual sales in the $400 million range. Most recently, by listening closely to what customers are saying, Shroff came to realize that the creation of "mixed-use" oceanfront buildings would better provide many people with the kind of purchasing flexibility that they were really looking for.

This led to the creation of the Oceania Family of Resorts. Oceania's unique niche is that it will provide its buyers with more oceanfront vacation choices than anyone else in the Myrtle Beach area.